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Donations at the time of a funeral

It is well possible that the person who has died would have wanted his or her funeral to be the occasion for donations to benefit posterity. We consider it a very special honour to receive donations of this kind.

The bereaved family will receive a list from us containing those donors whose names were legible on the paying-in slip and whose donations can be clearly allocated to the bereavement.

Please give potential donors details of one of our accounts:

  • PostFinance, Account 40-5899-8
  • Bank Coop, Account 421329.29.00.00-5,
    Clearing number: 8440,
    IBAN CH88 0844 0421 3292 9000 0,

Beneficiary: Bruno Manser Fund, Socinstrasse 37, CH-4051 Basel

There is also the possibility of sending us a cheque.

We would be happy to provide any further information you may need. Please phone us at +41 (0)61 261 94 74 or send an e-mail to