Carpathian Forest: Bruno Manser Fonds lobbies in Brussels

This week, a Ukrainian delegation together with the Bruno Manser Fonds met with Members of the European Parliament in Brussels to mobilise against the planned construction of a mega ski resort. Several hundred hectares of primary forest are under threat. The Ukrainian oligarch suspected to be behind the project lives in Geneva.

(Brussels) A broad civil society alliance from Ukraine, the EU and Switzerland met this week in Brussels with MEPs Michael Gahler (CDU) and Rebecca Harms (Greens). The European Parliament has been asked to support the preservation of the endangered Forest Carpathians within the framework of bilateral negotiations with Ukraine.
There are concrete calls for a commitment against the construction of a mega ski resort in the Svydovets massif in the Transcarpathian region. The gigantic project violates several international conventions ratified by Ukraine.
Svydovets is located in the heart of the Carpathians and is home to 94 endangered animal and plant species. In an interview with EU parliamentarians, ecologist Tymur Bedernichek stressed: "The planned construction of the ski resort would not only destroy several hundred hectares of primary forests, but would also have massive negative effects on the neighbouring states of Hungary and Romania as a result of the interference in the water ecosystem of the Tisza.
The project, which has been fought by the environmental associations, is being driven forward by an anonymous group of investors behind which the Geneva-based oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is suspected.
In July, the British NGO EarthSight published a report on corruption in the Ukrainian forestry sector and the import of illegal timber into the EU. Transcarpathia is one of the most affected regions in terms of deforestation. European timber companies such as Egger, Schweighofer, Krono Span and Swiss Krono are involved in the lucrative Ukrainian timber business.
The Ukrainian delegation, consisting of local activists, lawyers and scientists, will travel to Switzerland today and will be available for media enquiries on Friday.